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A bug in the computer system of the financial services concerning the IRS

A bug in the finance department's computer system meant that the values declared by category B taxpayers with organized accounting were not taken into account, reports the Jornal de Negócios.

A bug in the computer system of the financial services concerning the IRS

As a result, repayments ofIRS have been made unjustly, which means that taxpayers will now have to reimburse the sums unjustly paid out by the finance departments.

The Notícias ao Minute newspaper asked a source in the Ministry of Finance how many taxpayers were affected by this error, and whether the situation was already being regularized. Unfortunately, to date it has not been possible to obtain an answer.

A source from the tax authorities told the same newspaper that the problem stemmed from a "reading" error in order to liquidate a field relating to the taxable income indicated on Schedule C of Model 3. The president of the Ordre des comptables agréés, Paula Franco, says that it may be "a bug in the finance department's computer system, but it's still very serious".

Finance has already repaid 1.125 million to the IRS.

Finance departments have already paid out 1,125 million euros to taxpayers in IRS refunds, with an average payment time of 20.7 days - including automatic and manual IRS - according to Ministry of Finance data.

Of the total returns submitted, 2,028,588 have already been settled and 1,180,738 taxpayers have been refunded, for a total amount of 1,125 million euros, Minister João Leão's office said.

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